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Information Analytics

YCN Group, LLC {“YCN”) has developed technology that employs experiential analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to test transactional data and find anomalies of concern.  To capture the power of this tool, we gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ systems, transaction flow, controls, concerns and success factors.  We then adapt our technology to perform on our clients’ information.  


The end result of our analysis is a recommendation on the importance of which transactional items should be followed-up on by human subject matter experts. This follow-up process may be undertaken by client personnel, consultants, or a combination of both.

The analysis provided by this tool can be executed in the client’s data center, in the public cloud or in YCN’s processing environment. We work with our clients to choose the option that is most effective and desirable.

Our approach to these technologies is proprietary and unique. We deliver solutions that are not available in like form elsewhere. Our technology was designed as a multi-faceted analytics engine, not a tool to extract and print information allowing YCN to deliver results that are virtually impossible to achieve with traditional audit software or exclusive human transaction review.

Internal Audit Management

YCN Group, LLC (“YCN”) developed a web application to automate all phases of the internal audit process.  The application is highly configurable to adapt to client environments.  The application captures information on audit staff members, time usage and key staffing information normally required to be reported to an organization’s Audit Committee. 


The software further gathers together all information needed to identify potential audit subjects, risk assess those subjects and then conduct audits of those subject areas. The tool provides a collaborative workflow between audit staff members, audit management and audit clients. It further tracks all audit issues and recommendations from inception through completion. The tool also has options for generating audit reports from system data.

To further enhance utility of this solution, we have integrated case management system and governance, risk and compliance functionality within the software. These additional functions allow cross department integration and support to further enhance organizational success.

Internal Audit Quality Assurance

YCN Group, LLC (“YCN”) has developed a software tool to automate the process of managing an internal audit activity’s conformance with Institute of Internal Auditor’s Professional Standards.


The tool eliminates redundancy, enhances focus on required assessments, maintains required workflows and provides storage and organization for information needed to support assessment conclusions. Due to the benefits of automation, overall time required to perform these assessments is generally reduced by over 50%.

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