P.D.A.T. provides the ability to leverage traditional data analytics using benefits provided by artificial intelligence. In short, P.D.A.T. does not simply look at data elements in your computer system, it considers the inter-relationships in the information provided by your IT system and its related internal controls. Why is Predictive Data Analysis important?
First, P.D.A.T. will analyze your information in ways that you cannot begin to explore with thraditional, extraction-based tools. This means P.D.A.T. will identify areas that would likely be missed without its level of sophistication and adaptive logic. Second, P.D.A.T. provides output in three tiers of risk (high, medium, and low). The objective of the internal risk assessment is to reduce false positives. Said differently, instead of providing thousands of transactions to sift through, P.D.A.T. highlights a relatively small number of high risk items for immediate review. These high risk items will give your organization key insight into your internal control structure. Third, fraud and waste are at epidemic proportions in modern organizations. According to ACFE, nearly 7% of all corporate transactions are fraudulent in nature. P.D.A.T.'s allows organizations to leverage technology to take an incredibly targeted approach at looking at financial data. This allows internal audit to increase efficiency and boost recoveries for their organization. How does Predictive Data Analysis work?
Our tool identifies anomalies in your information processing system. P.D.A.T. takes a multi-tiered approach when analyzing transactions, looking at every possible data point available to identify problem transactions. For example, in Disbursement applications P.D.A.T. would identify conditions such as vendor manipulation, employee-vendor incompatibilities, duplicate payments, inappropriate payments, etc. How is Predictive Data Analysis implemented?
A YCN Group team of two individuals brings customized hardware on-site to learn about your system and its related controls. This team normally accomplishes the setup and execution within one week of being on-site. Once the system is set-up, our team will run your data through the system and deliver a report to you within the three tiers of risk. How is Predictive Data Analysis unique?
P.D.A.T. has the ability to learn from every transaction reviewed in the follow-up process. This makes improved results more attainable It also provides the ability to create and retain patterned analysis sets to focus on specific areas of interest or concern. Benefits
• Results oriented
• Creates a normalized data warehouse from one or more related transaction processing systems
• Implements experiential data analytics coupled with artificial intelligence
• Reports results according to organizational risk tolerance
• Minimizes false positives
• Multi-level and in-depth information analytics
• 100% coverage of organizational data
• Flexibility in performing analytics via batch processing or on-line real time
• Analytics performed efficiently in a matter of hours
• Follow-up analysis using our Management Console

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