September 14, 2014

YCN Group introduces Multiple Virtual Environments for Audit Management Systems

Los Angeles, California


YCN Group, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of “Multiple Virtual Environment” functionality in our core software offering, the AuditOL Suite.  Multiple Virtual Environments or MVE gives YCN clients the ability to create fully autonomous groupings of its overall audit universe, audit projects, and staff within one single installation of the AuditOL Suite.  MVE includes robust security over online functionality as well as system reports that allow segregation between environments with the ability for aggregation across all MVEs as desired.  MVE features also allow flexibility in assigning staff and projects across environments to meet organizational needs.


The MVE function was designed for organizations like College and University systems where individual colleges or campuses may have dedicated audit staff and leadership with that leadership reporting to someone with overall responsibility for a larger group of these colleges or campuses.


This feature is being announced at the Association of College and University Auditors’ (ACUA) Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA.


Download the informational PDF on Multiple Virtual Environments


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