Leadership skills for the internal audit professional

Course Description:

Leadership skills are critical for audit professionals that want to advance.  To assume additional responsibilities and lead others, you must develop different skills than those that you have used to be a successful auditor.  The identification of organizational challenges and having the skill to work through them will help your success as a leader.  This seminar will provide you with additional tools, techniques and information to improve your chances of advancing or to help you be successful in your current leadership role.  Participants will receive real-life examples of lessons learned/leading practices for use in their own audit function.  These lessons have been acquired through over 16 years experience as a Chief Audit Executive (CAE), networking with other audit professionals and participating in professional audit organizations.


In this one day course, we will discuss the following important issues:

• Differences between a leader and a manager

• Challenges in leading an Internal Audit function

• Traits of a successful leader

• Building relationships and working with others

• Developing leadership skills


Learning Objectives:

• Learn traits of successful leaders

• Understand skills that internal audit leaders need

• Recognize when to use manager vs. leader skills

• Understand why knowledge management is important

• Realize the necessary involvement of a leader in organizational risk management, control, and governance

• Learn valuable sources of information to help guide the success of an audit leader


Who should attend:

• Audit managers, directors and supervisors aspiring to be a Chief Audit Executive (CAE)

• New Chief Audit Executives (CAE) or current CAE's interested in a refresher course



At least five years' experience as an auditor with three years in a supervisory position.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Field: Business Management & Organization

CPE Credits: 8 (400 minutes) - 1 Day

                      16 (800 minutes) - 2 Day

Delivery Method: Live - Group




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