Internal Audit Value Improvement Program
Internal Audit VIP provides the opportunity for internal audit activities to continually improve and add value to their function. Internal Audit VIP is the foremost automated tool available to assist an internal audit function in conducting a quality assurance improvement program (QAIP) to conform to The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) 13xx professional standards. What does iaVIP provide ?
Internal Audit VIP automates the entire process of assessing conformance with IIA Professional Standards. Every question, every analysis and every requirement is mapped from its data source to its analytical steps and to the final standard being assessed. In short, iaVIP eliminates “noise” from the process of preparing for and performing the assessment. This noise consumes staff time resulting in higher cost of compliance and reducing overall internal audit productivity. How does iaVIP drive value?
Internal Audit VIP maximizes internal audit efficiency in performing annual self-assessments. It aggregates data and provides it for annual update. Then, it provides documentation to facilitate external validation or independent review. Coupled with YCN expertise, iaVIP will assess where the internal audit activity is currently positioned and make concrete suggestions on how to improve. YCN Consulting and Training can target areas of need to expedite the maturation process and provide increased value to client organizations. Internal Audit VIP provides a common work-flow and interface to make annual assessments more effective while minimizing the level of effort to complete each. Benefits:
• Single repository for all QAIP data
• Eliminates question redundancy focusing all questions on assessment requirements
• Allows user organization to add questions for specific needs
• Workflow automation to enhance productivity up to 75%
• Opportunities Report to highlight areas for improvement
• Management reporting to enhance communication with senior executives and board members
• Granular security by professional standard and/or activity
• Ability to update assessments between years, carrying unchanged elements forward making changes only to items that have change or have been subject to current analysis

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